Dennis Delarosa

My name is Dennis Delarosa - I'm 47 years old. I started drawing at a young age, took classes in high school and went to an art/trade school in Dover, N.J. the school was Joe Kuberts school for comic book art. I attended only one year. Eventually I started getting work in comics and for about 5 years worked on several comics including star trek DS9. My comic career was short lived because I just wasn't making enough money to make a living.
After a few years, a friend I worked with wanted to introduce me to his brother who owned a tattoo shop. So I met Devin one of the owners of Liquid courage. And that's how my tattoo career started. My apprenticeship lasted about 9 months and I ended up staying with Liquid for about 9 years. After which I ended up leaving and working with the good people at Eye Candy. But that only lasted for about 7 months. I felt I needed a break so I took a break from tattooing for a year before I found myself here at Villains. I've been here for just a little over 2 years now and I couldn't be happier.

Dennis' Work